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Q: What is Microblading?

A: Microblading is a permanent makeup treatment for eyebrows done by depositing pigments between eyebrow hairs in thin strokes in order to make the brow arches, fuller, thicker, and symmetrical.

The artist uses a special microblading tool made up of 9 to 18 fine blades of different thickness which are dipped into a liquid pigment solution and dragged through the epidermis. Microblading is NOT suitable for oily, large pores, sun damaged or mature skin types. (Please note that any hair strokes done whether with machine or hand tool will blur over time & need to be converted to a shaded brow)

Q. What is Microshading/Powder Brows

Microshading is done using a PMU machine and needles. This technique leaves small, pin-point dots. Soft powdery brows to bold Ombre Brows can be created using this method. I recommend Microshading for clients with oily or darker skin because the Microshading technique takes better to their skin type. Sensitive skinned clients can benefit as well, because this technique is less traumatic to the skin than Microblading. Combined with Nano or Microblading Hair strokes (called Combo Brows) your brows will look like you just left the makeup artists chair with perfectly arched brows!! This technique helps to close the bridge between your existing brow hair and Microbladed strokes to help give your brows a more dense, full look, especially those missing their brow tails!

What's The Process?

Step 1: We Consult With You

Once you book an appointment, we consult with you about your lifestyle and everyday makeup routine. Do you draw your brows in daily? Do you prefer natural and soft looking eyebrows, or thicker, bolder, signature brows? Some clients have over-tweezed and wish to return to their more natural look. During the consultation, we'll discuss your options and design your most perfect eyebrow.

Step 2: We Hand Draw Your New Brows

Now that we have determined the best eyebrow shape and design for you, we'll hand draw your new eyebrows. We'll ask you to make different facial expressions, such as to smile, to ensure your brows are perfect. Our mission is to create a design that will best complement your natural features. We'll choose the best color and shape specially customized to you.

Step 3: We Numb Your Eyebrows

Before we begin Microblading we’ll apply a topical numbing cream, and wait 20 minutes, to make certain you are as comfortable as possible. During this time you can lay back and relax. Many clients worry about the procedure being painful but the truth is most clients do not complain about any pain, and even fall asleep!

Step 4: We Begin The Procedure

We begin once we have determined you feel numb and relaxed. We meticulously hand draw each hair stroke to perfectly match the color, thickness, and flow of your natural brow hair. Or Begin to gently pixilate the brow if you decided on Powder Brows. This treatment uses a handheld manual microblade tool or Permanent Make Up Machine. This is precision art and should only be performed by a trained artist. This takes about 45-60 minutes.


We'll finally reveal your new eyebrows! Say goodbye to drawing on your brows every morning. Now you’ll wake up with beautiful eyebrows every day!

A complimentary perfection visit after 45 days is recommended and included in the original price.

What To Expect After Your Treatment

Day 1: You love your new brows!

Days 2-4: The color will begin to darken temporarily as the pigment oxidizes and light scabs form.

Days 5-14: Your brows will begin flaking. DO NOT pick at any scabs. Allow healing to shed naturally. At this time, it will appear that your brows have nearly disappeared. This is only temporary as the new skin is still healing over each hair stroke. Over the next several weeks your brows will reappear.

Days 14-28: Towards the end of your healing you will notice the color reappearing. They will heal approximately 30% lighter than Day 1.

Day 45: It’s time for your complimentary perfection visit! At this time your brows are fully healed and it is recommended that you come back in to reinforce any strokes that might have healed lighter than desired.

*Once healed, remember to always apply full spectrum sunscreen to your brows when in the sun to avoid premature fading of treatment.

*A complete healing cycle takes 4-6 weeks depending on age and your body regeneration.


Every Microblading service comes with a complete and complimentary aftercare kit.

Our aftercare kits always included:

  • Full aftercare instruction cards
  • What to expect while healing guide
  • Antibacterial eyebrow cleanser
  • Sterile Water Wipes
  • Aftercare cream chosen for your skin type.

More FAQ


Q: Will it hurt?

A: Everyone has different sensitivities as far as discomfort goes, however I have never had anyone tell me to stop. If a tattoo is 10/10, Microblading would, on average, be a 3 or 4 on the discomfort scale. I pre-numb as well as numb throughout the process, believe it not most of my clients fall asleep during the procedure.

You can expect to feel a scratching sensation and hear a "velcro" sound that may intensify by the end of the procedure. It is uncomfortable, but by no means unbearable. The sound you will hear is actually a good thing, it lets me know I am at the "sweet spot" and not deep in the skin.

Q: What are the risks?

A: As with any invasive esthetic procedure, the biggest risk is infection. Infection will almost always be the result of improper after care in the first 10 days following the procedure. I use one-time, sterile disposable tools and disinfect and wash everything after each session.

Sleeping on dirty pillows, picking at your brows, applying makeup to the area and constantly touching, rubbing or wiping your brows (among other things) can result in an infection, which could lead to scarring and other complications. As long as you follow my after care instructions this risk is nearly eliminated.

Q: How long does it take?

A: You can expect to be with me for around 2 hours. When you first arrive, I will take before pictures, clean your brow area and begin tedious measuring of your face & brow area. Then I will work on a shape best suited for your face while also incorporating your natural brow bone. Once you agree you like the shape, I will then pre numb you which only takes a few minutes and begin the procedure. Once finished I I will take after photos and review after care instructions with you. Touch up appts are usually quicker.

Q: What is "Brow Shock"?

A: So you've gone from no brows to wow brows - and you don't look like you anymore! If you've been looking at your brows in the mirror every day for years and are used to seeing yourself a certain way, suddenly having dark, full brows can be a little...shocking. Compare it to having really long hair and cutting it all off, or bleaching your hair. But don't worry. Give it a few days and the shock will wear off - this is a completely normal reaction. And don't forget, your new brows will soften around 30% and shrink within 14 days.

Q: Is one session enough?

A: No. Microblading, Microshading & Nano Brows are a 2-step layering process. Some areas will fade out and that is normal, therefore you must come back to complete the process or risk walking around with unfinished work....and neither of us want that.

Sometimes it is necessary to do a 3rd touch up session - this is entirely at the discretion of the client and is only needed if they would like a few strokes or shading here and there to even things out - we do not go over the whole brow again.

Q: How long will it last?

A: Depending on your skin type, you can expect the look to last anywhere from 6 months up to 2 years. Remember, this is a semi-permanent procedure. It will fade, but for some of us it will never completely fade away and you may be left with a shadow. It is up to you how long you want to maintain the shape and crispness.

**If you have oily skin, the strokes will fade quicker, and become thick and blurry. For this skin type Microshading is highly recommended! It retains better on oily skin than Microblading. If you have dry skin, the strokes will last longer and heal sharper. Both looks are an improvement on patchiness, unevenness and will reduce the amount of time you spend drawing your brows each day.

Q: What about down time afterwards?

A: You will notice that your brows may feel raw or be a little red after the procedure - this is normal and will fade away within 24 hours. You can carry on your normal activities provided you carefully follow the post-procedure aftercare. It takes up to 14 days for your brows to complete the flakey/fading part of the healing process and a minimum of 6 weeks before you can come back for your touch up. I recommend 6-10 weeks for your 2nd appointment.

Q: How much do they fade after the initial session?

A: About 30%.- 40% They will shrink, become softer and much lighter - this is normal, and the end result is natural looking brows.

Q: What else can cause them to fade faster?

A: Sun tanning, exfoliation, excessive sweating (working out), anti aging skin care products, certain facials, lasers & peels or improper aftercare. All these things can cause the pigment to fade faster, so if you want your treatment to last longer, take care of your brows as if they were tattoos. 

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