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Brow PMU

Powder Brows

Soft & Natural


Ombré Brows

Bold Make up look with gradient fronts.



Hair like strokes done with hand tool. NOT FOR OILY, MATURE, SUN DAMAGED, LARGE PORES, or SENSITIVE SKIN!


Shape/Color Correction

For Clients who's brows were originally done by another artist.


Touch up

For Clients who need a color boost that I originally did.



For Clients who are unsure of which service they are best suited for.


Faux Freckles


Custom freckles


BB Glow

BB Glow Treatment

Semi-Permanent Foundation


BB Glow Package

Package of 3 Treatments (should be completed within 4 weeks for best results. 


BB Glow Ultimate Package

Package of 5 Treatments (should be completed within 6 weeks for best results. 


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